Learn-by-doing how to make a variety of story props and toys from recycled materials, adding only markers, scissors, and imagination. Each craft will be taught along with a traditional tale. After learning the basic design, participants create their own original variations and practice retelling the tale with one or more partners. Leave with several stories and props ready to use on Monday, and resources for more.

These craft activities can be taught to young listeners following your demonstration of a story -- and, with props in their hands, shy beginners often feel empowered to retell the tale.

This workshop emphasizes a PLAYFUL approach to story-retelling. Typically, participants arrive with their heads overflowing with words. They deeply appreciate a chance to quietly cut and color, draw and fold. The room soon burbles with delight as they share their new creative adaptations and practice the stories.

NOTE: "Functional nonfixity" (seeing more than one use for something), basic to recycling, is also a key to artistic creativity!.

Most of the crafts in this workshop are based on Stories To Play With by Hiroko Fujita, which Fran edited and published.