Stories to Play With coverKids' Tales Told with Puppets, Paper, Toys, and Imagination

by Hiroko Fujita, adapted & edited by Fran Stallings

Little Rock AR: August House, 1999
ISBN 0-87483-553-4, $12.95
8.5 x 11" trade paperback format

In spring 2002, Stories to Play With received the first annual Pegasus award with Special Distinction in the category of "Teaching and Coaching" from the National Youth Storytelling group founded by Kevin Cordi.

A Children's Librarian wrote, May 11, 1999:

"Great resource for librarians, teachers, parents. I have seen Hiroko Fujita tell stories and she is amazing! Adults, teens, and small children are fascinated her stories, and intrigued with the toys and props she makes to enhance them.

"This book, edited for American audiences by nationally-known storyteller Fran Stallings, is a treasure trove of ideas. From milk-carton frogs to origami, the props are easy to make and extremely effective when used to tell the stories. The ideas can be easily adapted to other stories as well. Well worth the money."

Stories to Play With is out of print, but used copies are available on eBay.