Fran Stallings, Storyteller

Fran Stallings is an American storyteller for people of all ages. She has performed at national and international storytelling festivals, in schools and libraries, and on the radio. She performs primarily folktales from around the world. She has produced several audio recordings and books of stories.  She conducts workshops, residencies, and festival performances throughout the United States and overseas.

Stallings's storytelling style is noted for its ability to entrance listeners, a phenomenon she wrote about for The National Storytelling Journal. She teaches educators to use stories in the classroom to hold students' attention while conveying lessons.

Publications and Recordings

Fran has four CDs and seven books available, and she has contributed stories and articles to a variety of collections.

Performances and Workshops

Fran conducts workshops, residencies, and festival performances nationwide, as well as in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Egypt.